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Gary Brandon
Solo Band
Fast Machine
White Sister
Radioux City
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Lead and Backing Vocals: Gary Brandon
Electric and Acoustic Guitars: Ray DeVally
Synthesizers, Keyboards, Synth Bass: Gary Brandon
Drums/Percussion: Jason Montgomery

Producer: Gary Brandon
Recording Engineer (Basic Tracks): Mark Vincent -- Studio: Multi Media Music Productions Toluca Lake, CA.
Recording Engineer (Tracking/Mix): Kimihiko Nakamura -- Studio: Ground Up Studios Burbank/Duarte, CA.

Mixed By: Kimihiko Nakamura & Gary Brandon
Mastering Engineer: Jerry Tubb -- Terra Nova Mastering Austin, TX. [+]

Ray DeVally
Rob Wyckoff
Gary Brandon
Amy Grodzienski

Released: August 2023
ISRC: QZ-YK62300001
Stand is a song about not allowing someone else to disrespect you, try to change you, or control you. Sometimes it is far better to leave the toxic realtionship, as hard as that may be to do in the moment, than to remain in it and suffer. Find your strength... always!