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Gary Brandon
Solo Band
Fast Machine
White Sister
Radioux City
Tour Dates
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Lead and Backing Vocals: Gary Brandon
Electric and Acoustic Guitars: Ray DeVally
Synthesizers, Keyboards, Synth Bass: Gary Brandon
Drums/Percussion: Jason Montgomery

Producer: Gary Brandon
Recording Engineer (Basic Tracks): Mark Vincent -- Studio: Multi Media Music Productions Toluca Lake, CA.
Recording Engineer (Tracking/Mix): Kimihiko Nakamura -- Studio: Ground Up Studios Burbank/Duarte, CA.

Mixed By: Kimihiko Nakamura & Gary Brandon
Mastering Engineer: Jerry Tubb -- Terra Nova Mastering Austin, TX. [+]

Ray DeVally
Rob Wyckoff
Gary Brandon
Amy Drum

Released: August 2023
ISRC: QZ-YK62300001
Photo Credit: Max Ilienerwise [+]